> Press The Buttons at E3 2005

Press The Buttons's MattG was at E3 2005 in Los Angeles. These are some of his more interesting photos from the event.

Mysterious Mario Kart Kiosk
The Revolution?
Enter Iwata
Reggie Takes The Stage
Reggie Speaks
Numbers And Charts
DS On Display
Electroplankton Remix
Rockin' The House With Electroplankton
Everlasting Electroplankton
Third Party Madness
Miyamoto's Hound
E3: Day One
Mario Baseball's A-comin'
Mario Strikers Menu
Mario Mix Madness
Super Sonic Gems
Sonic's Coming Soon!
Learn To Fight
Learn To Fight II
Sonic The Fighters
Choose Your Unknown Character
Next Match
Polygon Playtime
Ring Of The Ancestors
Jack O'Neill Speaks
O'Neill At The Stargate
Dawn Of Dawn Of Sorrow
DS Upright
E3: Day Two
Lost Woods
Link Lives
Wolf Attack
Electronic Engagement Expo
Shadow The Hedgehog
Hostage Negotiations
More Shadow Statue Stuff
Big Mario Display
Conked, Too