> Press The Buttons at E3 2007

Press The Buttons's MattG was at E3 2007 in Santa Monica and posted these photos whenever he had the chance.

At The Santa Monica Civic Center
Nintendo Media Briefing Ticket
Outside The Nintendo Media Briefing
Wii Display
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
The Nintendo Media Brefing Preshow
Show Offs
More Showing Off
Big Screens
Nintendo Mission Control
It Begins
Reggie Talks Stats
Reggie Talks Stats II
Reggie Talks Stats III
Reggie Talks Stats IV
Reggie Talks Stats V
Reggie Talks Stats VI
Reggie Talks Stats VII
The Wii Zapper
Zapper Lifestyle
Sega Gets Zapped
Wii Zapper Price
Square-Enix Support
Clash Of The Titans
Smashing Good Time
Get Smashed This December
Touch A Hylian
Zelda Live
Here Comes Metroid
Metroid On The Move
Triple Threat
Reggie Talks Stats VIII
Reggie Talks Stats IX
Charge Up!
More Square Stuff
Here Comes Mario Kart
Mario Kart Looks Sharp
Iwata Appears
Super Mario Galaxy Returns
Let's Get Physical
Miyamoto Appears
The End
DS Under Glass
Behind The Screens
Mario Galaxy Levels
Microsoft Moves In
Lard Lad!
Seen Scene It